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Kitchen interior with a bar counter

Kitchen interior with a bar counter

Long gone are the times when the bathroom counter in the kitchen was just a tribute to fashion. Nowadays, a strump stand in the interior is a multifunctional home interior that allows you to become an alternative to a bulky, dining table in a small kitchen, and effectively zoning space in a spacious kitchen-studio, highlighting the kitchen segment in the living room without cluttering the room. The kitchen bar is no longer associated with a relaxed atmosphere, cocktails and parties.

This is a concise and effective way to organize a place for short meals, and in some cases – the only opportunity to design a dining area within the kitchen. This is an additional surface for the implementation of working kitchen processes and an interesting design detail. Bar counter can both fit organically into the existing image of the room, and become its accent, the highlight of the interior.

In what kitchen is it appropriate to install a bar counter?

All variations of the composition of the kitchen interior are not listed, but it is possible to highlight the main points that indicate the feasibility of equipping the kitchen with a bar counter (or its simplified counterparts). So, it makes sense to install a kitchen counter if:

  • Your kitchen space of modest size should include a dining area. And for the installation of the table there is simply no place, and there is also no possibility of organizing a dining room in a separate room;
  • The kitchen is a combined with the living room and the bar is not only a place for eating, but an element of zoning space;
  • You have space (separate or within a spacious kitchen) to install a dining table, but you need a surface for organizing short meals (breakfasts, coffee breaks, snacks). The presence of a bar counter eliminates the need to serve a large table in those moments when there is not enough time for this;
  • You like the modern and interesting appearance of the bar, among your households there are no elderly people, or small children, who would not be able to sit on bruised chairs or stools.

If you decide to choose a kitchen design with a bar counter, then you have many opportunities to design, both the design itself and its additions. The bar counter can be a part of the ready furniture solution for the kitchen, and be the result of work done to order. Of course, designers recommend to make a bar rack according to your size and in accordance with the main design of the kitchen – so the design will become a harmonious part of the design of the kitchen. But among the ready-made solutions you can find the best option, satisfying your requirements of quality performance, size and price category.

Bar counter – versions

If you still think that the brute rack is a rectangular countertop raised above the floor level by 100-115 cm, then you are only partially right. Variations in the execution of racks are weight, both in the choice of shape, the material of the countertop, and in relation to the rest of the furniture of the kitchen, in height and depth. The bar counter can be part of an island or a peninsula, it can be a stand-alone module or be made in the form of a conventional console on pedestals or be built into a kitchen set. The options are limited only by the imagination of the designer, the amount of free space in the kitchen and the financial capabilities of the hosts.

Wooden bar counter in kitchen design

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